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Turtle Dove - A graphic & modern vision of the SurPyjama

Too long forgotten garment, the SurPyjama is a great alternative to sleeping bags for young ones and duvets for older children. Worn over pyjamas or babygrows, the SurPyjama is ideal for babies and children who are then free to move around but remain comfortably covered during their slumber. With both shoulders and arms covered, their warmth and safety are ensured.

Stylish, practical and cosy, the SurPyjama can also be worn by a baby in its recliner, during walks in a pushchair or journeys by car, in summer or winter depending on the fabric weight selected.

The House is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of its materials, essentially made in France from a selection of organic fabrics.  

TURTLE DOVE offers SurPyjamas in sizes from birth to 4 years.